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Summa Pejmanica is a newsletter/blog regarding law, domestic politics, international affairs, philosophy, current events, and just about anything else that might catch the fancy of its author. It is written from a right-of-center libertarian/pragmatist perspective, but one that strives to eschew partisanship and ideological blinders. As Bernard Mandeville wrote, “Private Vices by the dextrous Management of a skilful Politician may be turned into Publick Benefits.” Perhaps this little publication can help encourage the existence and emergence of more “skillful Politician[s],” and thus encourage more “dextrous Management,” in addition to helping bring about other forms of “Publick Benefits.”

About Pejman Yousefzadeh

Pejman Yousefzadeh is a lawyer in the Chicagoland area. He has a weakness for discussions of law, politics, policy in general, economics, and philosophy. He also loves reading, blogging, chess, Go (though to call Pejman an amateur at Go is to overly praise his abilities), classical, baroque, romantic, and jazz music (especially the works of Mozart, Bach, and Handel), the Chelsea Blues, and all Chicago sports teams . . . except for the White Sox, who serve as a collective affront to civilized and cosmopolitan sensibilities.

Concerning the eternal battle of the bands between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, Pejman has sided with the Stones, as would any man of wealth and taste. Well, taste anyway.

Pejman has been denounced by the North Koreans. Kinda.

Pejman’s identity on Twitter has been verified by a blue checkmark, as of August 21, 2016, which is the first time that Pejman noticed the blue checkmark. This proves that Pejman has achieved some measure of fame. If the blue checkmark is ever removed by Twitter, Pejman’s official response will be “It was fun while it lasted, and this is an outrage.”

Pejman was a king once. Seriously. Nowadays, Pejman is a king emeritus. But if you forget to mention the “emeritus” part, Pejman won’t remind you.

Pejman’s moral alignment is Chaotic Good, and he is an unapologetic elitist.

In his spare time, Pejman may be found obsessing over the plot inconsistencies, subpar acting, and poor dialogue found in the Star Wars saga, not to mention criticizing in excruciating detail the many disastrous military decisions made by both Rebel and Imperial leaders.

Pejman is a graduate of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, the University of Chicago (AB ’94, Political Science; AM ’95, International Relations), and Pepperdine University School of Law.

His superpowers include book-purchasing, and hypergraphia. His weaknesses include a general inability to resist caffeinated products, a pronounced fondness for all things geeky, a lust for power, wealth, and glory, and a periodic tendency to refer to himself in the third person.

If, for whatever bizarre reason, you actually want more information, click here.

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